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Welcome to the Tears of a Mermaid

Hello, My name is Lilith. This is my brand new website. I am a demigod and a becoming mermaid. I have been into this stuff ever since i was tiny but i just realized that i could actually be it three years ago. This site is to help all magical creatures including: Mermaids, Avains, immortals, witches, Vampires, and fae. This is were you can talk to other people about it and share your experiences. 



1. Do not bully other people

2. Be NICE

3. Do not cuss people out 

4. Do not accuse somebody of lying unless you have proof that they are!!!

5, Treat others the way you want to be treated

6. This is an enjoyable website, do not start drama

7. Do not advertise (this site was made to help people not a site where you advertise your site). 

8. Always inbox me if you have any problems.

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