The Tears of a Mermaid

For all magical creatures and becoming magical creatures.



  1. Do you do a spell then m shift, and all that?

    i prefer this. It makes the shifting stronger and easier, but you do not have to if you do not want too.

  2. Can you just do a spell and not m shift or anything?

    yes, its all up too you. but m shift, p shift, and f shifting does help.

  3. Can you show someone your powers or tail without them being taken away?

    Yes. yes. yes. Thats just a rumor. Although be careful of who you show!!

  4. How long does just shifting take and how long does spells and shifting take?

    Just shifting may take up to 1 month - 1 year. It all depends on how often you shift. The more you do the better. When you do a spell and shift it really just depends on the person and how often you shift.  (if you need more info contact me)

  5. Can you shave your legs?

    Yes you can!! Thats just another rumor. If you could not then number one thats gross and number two if i could not then i would have probably given mermaids up forever. but do not worry, you can!!

  6. What spells work the best?

    Your own! sit down and relax and write your own!! These spells have your own flare and your own energy and the magic has not been drained from the spell.

  7. I have done millions of spells, why won't they work?

    Okay, if your getting them off from the interent, thats not a good idea, because the magic is probably drained from the spell. If you made your own then it might be working you just got to be patient.

  8. I did a spell and i had side effects and they stopped, does this mean its stopped working?

    No. Spells are different from everyone just be patient, you do not have to have side effects for a spell to work.

  9. What are the side effects?

    Side effects are different for everyone but here are some:

    itchy legs

    legs sticking together

    legs changing color



    coughing up sea water

    hold breath longer

    craving salt or water

    singing a lot

    (These are not all side effects out there, there might be more for you).

  10. How do i get powers?

    Either practicing, or you can do a spell. I would do both. (:

  11. When do i get my powers?

    It all depends on you.

  12. Can everyone get powers?

    sure, why not again?

  13. Can you have more then one power?

    Sure. why not? Just practice.

  14. Do i get gills?

    It all depends if you want to have gills or lungs. 

  15. What do gills look like?

    They look like little lines when they are wet, they are usually not noticiable when dry. They are usually located on the wrists, neck, chest, or hips.

  16. When i turn into a mermaid, where should i live?

    My suggestion is that you live in your home. I suggest you do a spell where your tail only comes out when you will it out. Oceans and lakes are too dangerous. With sharks and rip currents in oceans, and lakes have alligators and there are boats and fisherman and all that stuff.

  17. Do i have to have a symbol?

    No, you do not.

  18. Can you be a mermaid when wet a human when dry?

    No. We are made of water. and even if we weren't its too dangerous, you get wet more then you think. Like when it rains or when you wash your hands.

  19. Are mermaids effected by the full moon?

    Some are, but mostly not. 

  20. Do you have to do the/a spell on the full moon?

    No whenever you want, unless it specifically says too. Although it does help too and gives more magic too it.

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  1. Can you meet a fae?

    Yeah, why not? You can call them or do a spell to summon them.

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  1. How can i turn into a vampire?

    Do a spell, and not the one that goes, blood red pale skin moonlight draw me in.   and blah blah blah.

    That spell has been over done. I suggest you make your own. 

    (i have been a vampire before, before i turned into a mermaid).

  2. How long do spells take?


  3. What are the side effects?

    Pale skin

    sharp teeth

    craving for blood or energy (FOR ENERGY? SAY WHAT? Visit the vampire page and see what types of vampires there are)

    Do not like the sun very much

    Acting strange


    Clearing more rumors vampires do not just come out at night, they do not sparkle in the sun or burn in the sun, some vamps are not even affected by it, they do not fly, they are smarter or faster then some humans, they do not kill people, They are not all mean.

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